EV Models & Specs


Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, premium interior and sound.

Standard Range £73,900 

368 km Range (WLTP est.)    | 248 km/h Top Speed |    4.6s 0-100 k/mh

Long Range    £83,000

Performance £90,500

Select Premium Interior

All Black Included

Figured Ash Wood Décor

Includes Premium Upgrades Package

  • Self-presenting and closing front doors
  • Premium audio system specifically tuned for a Tesla’s ultra-quiet cabin
  • Cold weather features including heated seats for every passenger, heated steering wheel, wiper blade defrosters and washer nozzle heaters
  • HEPA air filteration system prevents viruses, bacteria and offensive odours from entering the cabin
  • Premium Connectivity (1 year included):
    • Satellite maps with live traffic visualisation
    • In-car internet streaming music and media
    • More frequent over-the-air updates via cellular
    • Internet browser
  • Music and media over Bluetooth®
  • LED fog lamps
  • Panoramic windshield with ultraviolet and infrared protection
  • Auto-dimming, power folding, heated side mirrors
  • Custom driver profiles

Select Interior Layout

Five Seat Interior : Included

Six Seat Interior : £5,900

Seven Seat Interior : £2,900


Autopilot advanced safety and convenience features are designed to assist you with the most burdensome parts of driving. All new Tesla cars come standard with driver assistance features such as emergency braking, collision warning and blind-spot monitoring.

Autopilot Included

  • Enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane.

Full Self-Driving Capability

  • Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars.
  • Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces.
  • Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really.

Coming later this year:

  • Recognise and respond to traffic lights and stop signs.
  • Automatic driving on city streets.

Option AVAILABLE FOR  £5,900

Full Self-Driving Capability is available for purchase post-delivery, prices are likely to increase over time with new feature releases

The current features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous. The future use of these features without supervision is dependent on achieving reliability far in excess of human drivers as demonstrated by billions of miles of experience, as well as regulatory approval, which may take longer in some jurisdictions. As these self-driving features evolve, your car will be continuously upgraded through over-the-air software updates.


  • Model X Standard Range £77,400
  • Solid BlackIncluded
  • 20″ Silver WheelsIncluded
  • All Black Premium Interior with Figured Ash Wood DécorIncluded
  • Five Seat InteriorIncluded
  • AutopilotIncluded
  • Full Self-Driving Capability £5,900
  • Destination & doc fee £850
  • Plug-In Car Grant- £3,500
  • Purchase Price £80,650

Estimated delivery price to Sri Lanka LKR 20,700,000 (Duty paid)

Inclusive of a 2 year maintenance membership package*

If you have an import licence applicable waivers to be deducted from the customs duty payable.

Please note above calculation is for guidance only. There are many other factors which affects the price estimation like manufacturer price changes, variations on UK VAT and export regulations, reimbursement difficulties, customs duty, motor capacity assumptions, SL customs discretions, handling and logistics charges.

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